Our Product: Sesame

Sesame© is a secured web-based application that delivers interactive investment reporting solutions. Sesame© leverages the latest cloud infrastructure to automate tedious and costly manual processes on non-core activities. Sesame© is a managed solution with seamless and proven onboarding process enabling efficiency increases within investment firms.

Our features


1-Page all-in view with smart access to features


Performance and statistical analysis including performance attribution


Allocations, exposure, holdings, thematic analyses by asset class


Single line-item investments review and trading analysis


Downside risk, sensitivities, stress test, liquidity and counterparty risk


Setup and monitor alerts & notifications, KPI and regulatory compliance


Transactions, movements, fees, liabilities management and CF forecasts


On-demand, templated & customised reports, PDF/CSV/XLS exports

Our commitment to security

Protected Infrastructure

Sesame uses Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure which is ISO 27001 certified. Our data and application is stored in the Northern European data centre (Ireland).

Encryption Enabled

Data pipelines from banks use encrypted protocols. SSL encryption across our internal services as well as our web application. The data is encrypted at rest and in transit.

Dev Protocol

Security is the core driver of our dev cycle. Our developers build the application with security first as objective and security protocols are embedded at each level.

Our process